Musical Theater Los Angeles

“Musical Theater Los Angeles Turns Kids into Pros,” Backstage

News • Aug 30th, 2018

As seen in Backstage:

“There’s a magic in children’s theater,” reads the website for Musical Theater Los Angeles. “Shy children blossom. Eager performers find their natural element. Hard work and discipline, as well as fun, are what make the magic happen.” It’s a fitting description for a thriving performing arts training ground for L.A. youngsters.

“I think there’s nothing better than watching a child come out of their shell, and watching them learn the discipline. To learn how to do all of that well, that discipline and that sense of fun, passion, and play—I think it’s like gold for any child,” says Baird. “No matter what they end up doing as human beings when they grow up, the skills they’ll learn while they’re learning this will serve them in their lives forever.”

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